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 AF-90 AcoustiFinish™


AF-90 is a fiberglass based product that provides a textured ceiling finish that will meet the needs of the most demanding design.


This is the world's first fiberglass-based ceiling finish that is manufactured using a specifically engineered fibre that is much different from fibres used in standard fiberglass-based sprays such as our TC-417. Consequently, the finish is very much smoother and denser than can be achieved using any one of those materials.


It is designed to offer a first-class alternative to other finish ceiling spray products including cellulose materials that are combustible. Additionally it can be used as a cost-effective, more attractive substitute for T-bar ceilings that often use combustible tiles.


AF-90 Performance Criteria:


  • ASTM E-84:

              Flame Spread ≤25

              Smoke Development ≤ 450


  • ISO 354: 2003

              NRC (equivalent) 0.60 @0.5" (12.5 mm)


  • ASTM C423-08 & E795-05

              NRC 0.60 @ 0.5 (12.5 mm)

              SAA 0.62

              NRC 0.90 @1.00 (25 mm)

              SAA 0.88


  • MIL -STD 810E, Method 508.4

               No growth





✓Adds thermal value to built up roof systems

✓Adheres to any common substrate material

✓Bright, white finish with high light reflectance

✓Produces a monolithic acoustic blanket that readily confirms

    to substrate irregularities

✓Suitable for new or retrofit applications

✓Superior acoustic performance



For more information on the product please see the PDF documents below, or click on the Technical Information tab.               






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