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Welcome to ThermaCoustic Industries

Spray Applied Fiberglass Insulation 


Welcome to ThermaCoustic® Industries International Limited. We manufacture and distribute spray applied fibreglass insulation, TC-417 thermal and acoustic insulation, along with spray in place AF90 'Finish Ceiling' together with related products.

These products provide the best thermal and acoustic performance of the presently available fibreglass, mineral wool, and cellulose spray-in-place products on the worldwide market.


Our products are designed for professional use only.


In Canada and the US our products are supplied through a network of factory trained sales agents and application contractors and area distributors who are also factory trained and certified supply all other markets.
For details of trained contractors and knowledgeable sales personnel in your area, or for a list of overseas distributors, please contact us directly. Before viewing the contents of this site please read the disclaimer. 

TC-417 spray insulation
Spray on fiberglass Insulation
spray applied fiberglass insulation
TC-417 spray applied insulation
Spray-on Fiberglass Insulation
Spray Applied Insulation
TC-417 in a Parkade
High Quality      Components Recycled Content
Non- Combustable
Exceptional Thermal and Acoustical Values
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